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Scrum@Scale (SAS) is now available to help you with your organization’s transformation!

Origin of Scrum@Scale Framework

As the extension of The Scrum Guide that was released in 2017, Scrum@Scale (SAS) Framework incepted when Dr. Jeff Sutherland who was the brainchild of the SAS framework, co-creator of Scrum and the founder of Scrum Inc. could not find any scaled-agile framework that meets his requirements. Dr. Jeff has studied, researched and compared all the large-scale agile models to date and decided to emphasize on a few matters below:

  • What is the real problem to solve?
  • Is the solution appropriate?
  • Feasibility
  • The difficulty of the landing process.
  • Whether it really conforms to the values he created when scrum was created etc.
Check out The Scrum@Scale Guide for further information on scaling that works.

About the Trainer

In 2019, Ethan Soo was personally awarded to be a Scrum@Scale Trainer (SAST) by Dr. Jeff. With experiences of leading agile team since 2003 and 10 years experiences in understanding domestic enterprises and actively exploring different agile management frameworks and tools, it enabled Ethan to formally bring the Scrum@Scale Practitioner's official Chinese certification course into China and promote it in the agile circle - IT industry, the financial industry, or traditional industries were some of the industries that Ethan has shared his expertise.


The advantages of the SAS knowledge system

According to the 14th Agile Industry Status Annual Report, SAFe and Scrum@Scale are currently the two most popular methods of large-scale framework.

Suitable for the crowd

Learning Roadmap

‘If you can SCRUM, you can SCALE’

How should I start?
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Our commitment as your Learning Partner:

We practice what we believe in and we are running Scrum in our operations as well!

The journey of learning Scrum from us is only a beginning even when you are certified. Our intention is to grow together with your Scrum Team by providing complementary lifelong support to solve your impediments throughout your Scrum journey.

  • Have queries that need suggested solutions, come to us!
  • Evaluate the progress of your team’s Scrum practice after six months to a year of implementation.
  • Networking with mentors and other practitioners.

Money-Back Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

Updated as of September 2020

Instep Learning Asia Sdn. Bhd. (The Company) ‘Money-back Guarantee’ Policy is our guarantee that you could obtain full refund should you are dissatisfied with our trainer or the program for Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner by Scrum Inc program.

Dissatisfaction report must be made verbally to the company as well as in writing via email within 10am to latest by 12.30pm on the first day of training in order to obtain full refund. Any report made after that period of time shall not be entertained.

You can get further assistance by calling 012-3818986 or email to askjane@instep.com.my.

We will complete the investigation and credit the refund amount to you within five (5) working days.

Sample format to report:

Title: Dissatisfied with Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner by Scrum Inc program

I would like to apply for full refund for the course mentioned as per the email title.

Contact number:

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